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Marks the beginning of a new era for both iSTEAKS & the National Aerated Water Co Building.


"Some day I'd like to do something with this place, I don't know what, but I will!" thought Ivan, when his usual hot & humid bus ride slumber was sprung by an impatient diesel rumble and happy clinks of Sinalco bottles as they swing happily out of the factory. Still clad in khakis and freshly buffed school shoes, he loves the iconic building.



He couldn't fathom the adoration, perhaps it was the big red sign, perhaps what the factory symbolizes... home for happiness, and fizziness, but one (still) cannot shake a gut feel that gnawed at one's tummy this long, well.. more than a few decades long really!



So here we are, iSTEAKS Reserved presented in Sinalco's iconic red spot, a brand new menu with dishes Ivan had enjoyed on his many travels and imagined serving guests who would visit his "home", which he had in no surprise, modeled the space into.


What about the steaks?! The best value for quality cuts from the top exporting countries are curated in this house. Yes, iSTEAKS Reserved is a new era but we are stoking the flames of what iSTEAKS stand for, only the best in value for quality and in market, for you.  


1177 Serangoon Road  

Singapore 328231

Soft Opening Hours: (Dinner service only)
Daily: 5pm-10pm

Dine-in Service Only


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